Freshwater Fisheries Freshwater fishing covers the management of fishery resources in inland waters.

The management of fishery resources include:

  • Planning for the management of fish;
  • Defining spatial units;
  • Setting the rules for the sustainable use of fish (angling) ;
  • Tasks related to the preservation of a favorable status of fish and the achievement of a good ecological status;
  • Fishing in commercial ponds and fish farming;
  • Records of freshwater fisheries and reporting;
  • Professional training of employees of fishery management providers;
  • Damages and compensation due to the death of fish;
  • Riverkeeping service, public services;
  • Other freshwater fishery-related issues; and
  • The granting of concessions for fisheries management in the fisheries regions.

For the implementation of fisheries management the state may grant a concession. The grantor is the Republic of Slovenia, its function is on behalf and for its account and is performed by the Government.

Fisheries management includes:

  • Programming
  • Implementing measures for preservation of favorable status of fish,
  • Sustainable use of fish,
  • Keeping prescribed records and reporting,
  • Professional training for fishermen,
  • Performing overseeing tasks of the riverkeeping service
  • Performing of tasks and activities at fish kills and
  • Other, important fish management tasks.

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