Fishing District - Obrh v Loški dolini Angling

Miha Ivanc Obrh1

Fishing season: from 1.4. to 30.11.

Description of boundaries: The Obrh River and its tributaries.

Permitted to fish within: The Obrh River.

Permitted fishing methods: -fly fishing - fishing with a fly rod and one artificial fly and single barbless hook.

Permitted daily catch: 1 brown trout or 1 grayling or 1 rainbow trout.

The minimum fish length and fishing season:

Grayling 40 cm, from 16.5. to 30.11.

Brown trout 40 cm, from 1.4. to 30.9.

Rainbow trout with no minimum length from 1.4. to 30.11.

Type of fishing licenses: number of fishing licenses is limited to 100 in the fishing season.

Sales locations for fishing licenses:

Ribiška trgovina Fauna Bled, cesta svobode 12, 4260 Bled, Slovenija, 041 633 147

- online purchase of daily fishing permits at

Fishing species in Obrh

Family Species Scientific name
Thymallidae GraylingThymallus thymallus
Salmonidae Brown troutSalmo trutta m. fario
Salmonidae Rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss
Esocidae Pike Esox lucius

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