Fishing District - Mrtvica Ribče Angling

Fishing season: from 1.1. to 31.12.

Description of boundaries: the entire Mrtvica Ribče oxbow lake

Permitted to fish within the boundaries: the entire Mrtvica Ribče oxbow lake.

Fishing method: - spinning with one artificial lure,  coarse fishing - allowed are all natural baits in accordance with the Regulations on Fishing Regimes in Fishing Waters (Official Gazette of RS, no. 99/2007 ). It is prohibited to implement two methods of fishing at the same time - one rod/fishing pole - one fishing method.

Permitted daily catch: 3 rainbow trout or 1 pike or 2 tench or 2 carp (bred) or 3 other carp-like types of which no more than 1 nase.

The minimum fish length and fishing season:

Pike 50 cm, from 1.5. to 31.1.

Tench 30 cm, from 1.7. to 30.4.

Carp (bred) 20 cm, from 1.1. to 31.12.

Chub 30 cm, from 1.7. to 30.4.

Nase 35 cm, from 1.6. to 28.2.

Rainbow trout does not have minimum dimensions, from 29.2. - 30.11.

Type of fishing licenses: Fishing permits are daily or yearly for members and non-members of RZS.

Sales locations for fishing permits:

- Dnevni bar IVY, Senožeti 4b, 1262 Dol pri Ljubljani, Phone: 041-356-844

- Online purchase of daily fishing permits at

Fishing species in Mrtvica-Ribče oxbow lake

Family Species Scientific name
Salmonidae Rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss
Cyprinidae European chub Leuciscus cephalus
Cyprinidae Barbel Barbus barbus
Cyprinidae Common nase Chondrostoma nasus
Cyprinidae Cactus roach Rutilus virgo
Cyprinidae Baltic vimba Vimba vimba carinata
Cyprinidae Carp bream Abramis brama danubii
Cyprinidae Common carpCyprinus carpio
Cyprinidae Tench Tinca tinca
Esocidae Pike Esox lucius

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