Fishing District - Krka Angling

Fishing season: from 29.2. to 30.11.

Description of the boundaries: The Krka River, from its sources to the dam of the power plant in Zagradec with its tributaries, except Višnjica and Višnjica to the bridge at Krška vas - Trebnja Gorica to the mouth of the Krka River.

Permited to fish within boundaries: The Krka River from the sources to the dam of the power plant in Zagradec, except in the stream Višnjica:

- Catch and release part: from the springs of the Krka River to the dam of the power plant in Zagradec (Fužina)

- Catch and take part from the dam in the village of Krka (Javornikov dam) to the dam of the power plant in Zagradec (Fužina).

Permitted fishing methods: - fly fishing - fishing with a fly rod and one artificial fly and single barbless hook.

Permitted daily catch: 2 salmonids, of which only 1 can be a brown trout. Anglers are allowed only one salmonid over 50 cm.

The minimum fish length and fishing season:

- Brown trout 40 cm, from 29.2. to 30.9.

- Rainbow trout with no minimum hunting length, from 29.2. to 30.11.

Type of fishing licenses: Fishing licenses are for 1 day for members and non-members of RZS, 3 days only for non-members of RZS, for 7 consecutive days ‘all catch and release’ districts, for various districts ‘all catch and release’ districts, and annual fishing licenses for members and non-members of RZS.

Sales locations for fishing licenses:

- online purchase of daily fishing permits available at

Fishing species

FamilySpeciesScientific name
SalmonidaeBrown troutSalmo trutta m. fario
SalmonidaeRainbow troutOncorhynchus mykiss
ThymalidaeGraylingThymallus thymallus

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