Fishing District - Kolpa Angling

Fishing season: 1.4. to 15.10.

Description of boundaries: Kolpa from the dam in Slavski Laz to the dam in Dol pri Starem trgu with its tributaries on the left bank.

Fishing permitted within: Left bank of the confluence of the Kolpa Čabranko to the dam in the village of Dol.

Permitted fishing method:


- Fly fishing - fishing with a fly rod and one artificial fly only, with a single barbless hook. From the confluence with Čabranka to the border crossing Petrina (left bank) it is not allowed to take any fish (“catch-and-release” regime). Downstream from the Border crossing Petrina to the dam in the village of It is allowed to take 2 brown trout over 30 cm size limit.

- Fly fishing, spinning, and using artificial lure (special fishing license) for Danubian salmon (Hucho hucho) fishing. Each catch of Danubian salmon must be reported to the seller of the fishing license.


- Coarse fishing with coarse fishing gear. Permitted baits are bread, cheese, fruit, or moss. Cyprinidae can only be caught/fished from the bridge in the village of Petrina downward.

Permitted daily catch: 2 brown trout or 1 Danubian salmon (special fishing license) or 3 cyprinids.

The minimum fish length and fishing season:

- Grayling / until cancellation, grayling fishing is prohibited!

- Brown trout 30 cm, from 1.4. to 30.9.

- Danubian salmon 80 cm, from 1.10. to 14.2. (special fishing license)

- Nase 35 cm, from 1.6. to 15.10.

- European Chub 30 cm, from 1.7. to 15.10.

- Cactus Roach 35 cm, from 1.6. to 15.10.

- Barbel 30 cm from 1.7. to 15.10.

Fish species

FamilySpeciesScientific name
SalmonidaeBrown troutSalmo trutta m. fario
SalmonidaeDanube salmonHucho hucho
CyprinidaeSneepChondrostoma nasus
CyprinidaeEuropean chubLeuciscus cephalus
CyprinidaeCactus roachRutilus pigus virgo
CyprinidaeBarbelBarbus barbus

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