Fishing District - Iščica Angling

Fishing season: from 1.3. to 30.11

Description of boundaries: Iščica from the source to the bridge in Hauptmance with its tributaries, except the Želimeljščica.

Permitted to fish within: Iščica from the source to the bridge in Hauptmance

Permitted fishing methods: fly fishing - fishing with a fly rod and one artificial fly and barbless, single hook.

Permitted daily catch: Fishing is permitted only with ‘catch and release’ method. Every caught fish has to be immediately released back to the water unharmed.

The minimum fish length: Daily catch is not permitted

Type of fishing licenses: Fishing is permitted only with yearly fishing license.

Sales locations for fishing licenses:

- Online purchase

Oglejte si Revirji ZZRS na večjem zemljevidu.

Fish species:

FamilySpeciesScientific name
SalmonidaeBrown troutSalmo trutta m. fario
SalmonidaeRainbow troutOncorhynchus mykiss
ThymallideGraylingThymallus thymallus

In the attached document (fishing_district_iscica) you will find the description of the fishing district with all the information required.

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