Fishing licences Prostočasni ribolov v Republiki Sloveniji se izvaja v morju in celinskih vodah.


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Prices for 2022:


All prices in €, VAT included.

RZS member – member of Ribiška Zveza Slovenije (fishery association of Slovenia)

PC = fishing permit type code; to be used when online purchasing permits at:

Price for transferable permit is multiplied with 1,5.

*The annual permit is good for an unlimited number of fishing days, is valid for the specified fishermen and if desired for an immediate family member (husband/wife/child until 18 years).

**The annual permit is good for a limited number of fishing days (20 days), applies to the specified fisherman and his fishing partner. In this case the fishermen has to enter two dates and they can catch a total of one daily catch.

*** Applies to the Soča River from the bridge for Vas na Skali to the bridge in the village of Čezsoča.

**** Valid for seven (7) consecutive days, day passes between areas are possible.

***** Soča - from the bridge at the village of Čezsoča to the bridge at the house number Trenta 1; Lepena - whole river flow; Koritnica - from the mouth with Soča to the bridge in Kluže.


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