Fish Farming SOČA Kobarid, Slovenia

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Soča fish farm, Markova ulica 5, 5222 Kobarid, Slovenia, tel: 0038641805597

The Soča fish farm was built in Kobarid in 1936 by the Italians as compensation for the damage to fish life caused by the construction of hydroelectric power plants on the Soča River. The water farm is fed by Korenov and Frandolič spring. We farm about 20 tonnes of fish each year, most of which are intended for stocking.

We farm the following species of fish:

The marble trout is the species that receives most attention. The marble trout is endemic to the Adriatic catchment area. Due to the brown trout breeding and the consequent crossing between the two, the existence of marble trout has been severely compromised. In 1985, we first obtained the eggs of the marble trout from breeding farms, which was an important milestone in the breeding of this fish species and also the basis for a repopulation program. Following the discovery of genetically pure trout populations in Zadlascica and Predilca in the early 1990s, we breed exclusively genetically pure marble trout and invest them in the upper Soča river and its tributaries.

Rainbow trout- We breed sterile rainbow trout in the farm and import their eggs from the USA. Most of the rainbow trout are bred for fishing, both for our fishing grounds and for many fishing families across Slovenia. Due to the breeding in the terrestrial pools and the low density of the fish, our fish are extremely beautiful and healthy and it is a great pleasure for the fishermen when they are able to outwit them with their flies.

Brook trout - For sale on the local market, we also breed a small amount of consumable size  potočna z every year. Due to the extremely clean and quality water in the fish farm, brook trouts are a real treat on a plate for domestic and foreign gourmets.

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