Fisheries Biology Data are collected in the context of our own research and monitoring...

Our work includes:

- Identification of species composition;
- Identification of species distribution;
- Biometrics
- Determining the age with a method of reading otoliths;
- Evaluation of  abundance indexes (catch per unit of fishing effort, biomass, density);
- Evaluation of catches and discards of Slovenian fishing vessels;
- Evaluating stocks of economically important species (conducted within the framework of international cooperation).

Data are collected in the context of our own research and monitoring in the context of international research or we obtain them from government databases:

- Monitoring of angling resources with bottom trawl (since 1995);
- MEDITS - International research with bottom trawl in the Mediterranean (1995);
- MEDIAS - Mediterranean Acoustic Survey (since 2007);
- SOLEMON - Assessment of the stock of sole (Solea solea) in the northern and central Adriatic and evaluation of the impact of different fishing activities (since 2009);
- Biological sampling of landings (since 2006);
- Assessment of by-catches and discards (since 2006);
- Exploring the biological and ecological characteristics and seasonal dynamics of some economically important fish species in Portorož fishing reserve (from 1.10.2010 to 30.9.2013);
- Assessment of retained catch  from non-commercial (sport and recreational) fishing;
- Logbooks (ship diaries) and landing declarations of Slovene fishing vessels (since 2005).

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